Welcome to Averlae! Bride of the Sea, Jewel of the ’Mere.

You enjoy the glorious distinction of being a citizen of the most free city in known Marnor. We were the spark that lit the rebellions from one end of Catavaria to another. We are the guiding light of Republic traditions.

And where there is freedom there is wealth! Our merchant navy plies the waves from one end of the ’Mere to the other and beyond. Trade is the lifeblood of our city, and our city is brave in securing the ports and treaties necessary to make sure that trade runs smoothly.

It’s a dangerous world and wealth just makes it more so. Pirates, dragons, demons, bandits, goblin hordes, evil wizards. Just another reason or four that the city relies on Adventurers, nay, Heroes, to help keep it safe.

You are that Hero right? Come to Averlae University, College for Adventurers and receive the training you’ll need to help secure the world.

Beyond this page is a collection of knowledge we deemed useful to young adventurers as they make their way through the world. Open the book and start your journey.

Averlae College of Adventure

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