Averlae College of Adventure

Chapter IV

Fairy Tale Tropes

Storyteller Intro

A messenger at their door lets the heroes know they are summoned to the OoS (Office of Safety) for their paperwork is completed – they are now under retainer with the city for its adventuring needs. There they meet with Sofia Garzoni. She informed them that she was their contact within the bureaucracy and would both handle any issues or questions they had and pass along requests from the city when need arose.

The need now was simple enough – a new bandit group had set up on the Great Southern Road. It had hit six caravans over the last two months and needed to be dealt with – both the dead and financial losses were stacking up.

After some discussion the party headed south, associated with a caravan bringing a shipment of metals to Pilia. At Southhold, Averlae’s furthest south point of control, they met with Captain Eckalo who gave them a bit more information and indicated his patrols had found tracks leading into Feflar’s Wood – but he had declined the opportunity to send his cavalrymen into the heavy wilderness. Another attack had been reported within the last few days, making it unlikely that the bandits would hit their caravan if previous activity held true.

And it did – their caravan reached the safety of the more open lands surrounding Pilia. With some discontent the party moved back to the locations near which they knew the bandits had entered the woods and ventured into the woods.

There they rescued a young wolf from a bed of BloodRoses, recognizing the plant from their brief exposure to the plant at Green Ale by the Sea. The wolf was most insistent that they follow him rather then a set of diverging trails. They did so and were greeted by the reuniting of the pup and his mother. Who, as it turned out, was descended from the First Wolf ever created and spoke with them. In thanks for rescuing her child, she offered them the suggestion that they speak to the Wood Witch, who might know about the bandits they brought up.

The Wood Witch, Felicia by name (although her pause before giving it suggested it had been a long time since it had been used), turned out to be rather old, withered, and garrulous. But her hut and flower beds were well cared for at any rate. She offered to show them a secret way to the bandits lair if they would take care of a problem for her – a young green dragon had taken up residence within the woods and she would rather that problem go away before it became unmanageable. More, a tribe of Kobolds had taken to worshiping the creature.

The adventure was on and their arrival foretold when Aralynn failed to take down a guard before he could sound his horn. Despite dispatching him shortly after, they found the way well guarded by a swarm of armed kobolds as they moved forward.

The fight was long but Kobolds are not frightful creatures by any means. But when their hero – Yik Yik showed up riding upon a well-trained dire weasel, they were quite encouraged. She wounded Petruchi greatly with a well placed lance, but then fell to the blows of Brumal. And then the dragon appeared, the size of a horse, its scales still a vibrant green, annoyance in its roar. Combat with tough, with the creature taking many blows that would have slain anything they had yet faced. They were fortunate in that the Witch had given them some powder that reduced the effects of its corrosive gaseous breathe weapon.

When it finally fell (when attempting to escape), the remaining kobold’s morale shattered and they fled. For the party it was time to loot the dead, find the dragon’s horde (even a small dragon should have something, right?) and report back to the Wood Witch.



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