Brumal Nak

Chad's Character


Brumal hails from a monestary in the far north. After running out of books to read in the monestary’ library, he set out for the Adventurer’s College in the hops of learning more about the denizens of the world. His current goal is to write a multi-volume set of tomes on the various creatures he encounters throughout his travels.

Brumal is often quite but with occasional bursts of excited chatter. He doesn’t much care what others think of him, but is quick to trust. He tries to live a relatively simple life (despite an interest in adventure), doing good and aiding others when he can.

Brumal arrived at the college possessing knowledge of several long forgotten forms of martial arts. While most students practice sparring he can often be found in quiet mediataion or practicing his forms and stances.

Brumal Nak

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