Doge Leo Colvini

Doge of Averlae


The current Doge is Leo Colvini. He was elected in the typical manner, some five years ago. While not a unanimous choice in the Senate (some whisper he was a compromise candidate), he has proven able enough in handling the Senate and the bureaucracy and making sure the city runs well. At this point he has yet to face a major crisis, but most believe his level head and straight-forward attitude should serve well, if unspectacularly, in high-stress situations.

The Colvini family has made its fortune dealing in overseas trade with both the colonies, holdings, and other lands from the Phoenix to the Shimizu. Indeed, the Doge has made an obvious play for greater relations with the Shimizu Clans, with the pleasant side effect of increasing his own families stature. Much of this trade wealth comes from heavy investment in the Vintner Guild; although the Colvini’s themselves are members of the Importers/Exporters Guild and have alliances within the cloth making industry.

Leo Colvini is yet a young man, at least for the office, and unmarried. Rumors abound every few months of soon-to-be announced intentions to marry. These have yet to be proven true, but the talk links the Doge to Princesses from around the ‘Mere, rich Guildswomen, the principle Green dancer in the theaters, and even to a major House of Daggers lady.

Doge Colvini has proven politically able enough to satisfy most of his critics at this point, managing an affair when the Dragon attempted to press her influence over the area to the satisfaction of those involved and without prompting a negative reaction. At least, that’s what the rumors say and the gossip mill in Averlae is as efficient as anything else.

Doge Leo Colvini

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