Tag: Military Notables


  • Dannion Gedichi

    Dannion has been the Grande of the Royal Lions for some fifty years now, serving with distinction in multiple wars and under several Doge’s. While he is certainly getting old, no one can really debate either the skill of his sword or the wit of his …

  • Captain Gregor d'Atame

    An actual Captain in the Averlaen Army, d’Atame teaches coursework on battlefield tactics and warfare when he isn’t serving in the field. He also specifically talks about city defense, and how to overcome magical attacks and defenses. d'Atame was born …

  • Sergeant Aartanin

    Every morning the Sergeant runs a calisthenics routine. All students are encouraged to attend. Those with the Guard are expected. Afternoons usually include training with basic weaponry. He is a standing member of the Royal Lions.