Family Betanali

The Betanali family is the largest and wealthiest within the entire city. The family is heavily invested in banking and money lending. It has proven incredibly shrewd with its investments (rivals call it lucky) and consistently turns its gold over and over again. Its latest investment, said to be absurdly large, has actually caused the Doge some political trouble – apparently the Betanali’s have bailed out the Dragon Empire from some financial difficulties. Not strangely, the Phoenix Empire levied an official complaint that so much money was lent to the Dragon. It is a situation that has left the family slightly stunted politically, but they do stand to make quite the fortune in repayments (or at least it can be assumed).

The Betanali’s cannot be considered to dominate the Banker’s Guild – if the other three major families involved in the Banke’s Guild banded together they can block Betanali proposals, and have done so in the past. But for the most part the Betanali’s lead and the others follow.

In addition to banking the Betanali family does have a decent representation within the Exporters Guild.

The Family is currently led by Sir Vagarius Betanali. Vagarius was knighted during the last war with Mavor for valor on the field, and certainly not because Averlae levied so many war taxes upon the Betanali’s household that they were in serious danger of being unable to maintain day-to-day business.

Family Betanali

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