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h6. College of Adventurers
The Port Averlae Tome of Knowledge

_An Introduction and Overlay to the Campaign and Life of an Entrepreneur Adventurer, a Basic Guide to the cityscape of Port Averlae and its environs, the Strategy Inherent in the Exploration and Investigation of New Lands, the Tactics of a Quest, Overview of the Political Landscape and Trouble Spots, and a Brief Review of Standard Questions especially as these issues and more relate to Port Averlae.

Published by Kerick Shrine Publishing: The Best Scriveners in Averlae

Featuring a Brief Word from the renowned Bard Altoric Mistharp and expanded notes regarding puzzles, traps, and tricks!

• A Spellbinder! – Captain of the Morning Tristan Do’falc, Knights of the Dawn

• Everything I wish I had known! – Bartalom the Red, Master of the Adventurer’s Guild

• Urak! Mucdor Mul Tomar! – Tazgat, BloodKnight of the Kulkvar Orcs

• This is a unique critique of both the Adventuring Life and the world in which we live. Perhaps if the Phoenix Empire of old had this knowledge at their fingertips, this would be a better world. – Loremaster Omarii Sevnel

• This should be your second-most important book. – Arcanist Jessemy Firsage, Council head of the Wizards Guild

• Be guided both by Faith and this Work! – Father Bernlak Opoliton, High Priest of Smolnar

• Delve herein and find the riches of your world – ThaneCaptain Orlin Stonewatch

• Capture the mystery of life. . And read this book. – Itharnan, Master of Lights in Evhalion

• Ye gotta like a book that tells you where to find the best beer. – Bellinus Birkvod, Captain of the SeaWolf

Edited by Giovani Wentilo

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Religion in Marnor

The Storyteller

Details about Averlae

Military Organization:

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